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My glass of water lesson.

cold waterJPGI was hot, tired and frustrated the other day, so I picked the largest glass I could find and fixed a cool glass of cordial. I had just taken a refreshing sip, when my granddaughter turned up, looking with envy at the condensed water droplets running down the side of the glass.

‘Is that cold?’ she asked.

‘Yes, it’s VERY cold.’

‘What is it?’

I hesitated, knowing she wasn’t allowed cordial or juice unless it was a special occasion. ‘It’s cordial.’

‘Is it good for you?’ she asked.

‘No,’ I said bluntly, hoping to discourage further conversation.

‘Then why do you drink it?’

I looked down into her brown eyes. She waited patiently for an answer and I was momentarily lost for words. ‘Because,’ I said sadly, ‘sometimes I don’t do what I know is good for me.’ I smiled. ‘I’ll have water next time.’

She smiled, nodded, and skipped away, leaving me looking at my refreshing glass of sweet, chemical laced liquid. It sure didn’t have the attraction it did only moments before!


(c) DJ Stutley 2015


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Good Monday Morning to you all :)

Last week I felt as though I was running on empty.  So far this year, I have had one operation and had another postponed till next year. I have seen a Doctor, Dentist, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Prosthodontist, Anesthetist, a Podiatrist Surgeon,  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Urological Surgeon, Haematologist, Neurologist, Naturopath and a Clinical Psychologist.  I’ve had an Ultra sound, Xray, MRI and a CT scan. I have successfully undergone EMDR therapy, had a malignant tumor removed and chemo treatment. 

It’s been quite a year. And as the end of 2012 approached, I was tired and down-hearted. I thought about giving up on many things. And then, out of the blue comes a pick-me-up from friends on the other side of the country…

photo-24I ducked out for a few minutes on Friday evening at about 7 pm, and returned home to find that a beautiful potted rose with a new bloom and a bud ready to open had been delivered. Something so simple had a profound affect on me. It was like being infused with encouragement and enthusiasm. I believe I can keep going. 

Thank you, my friends at Sunset Publishing: Darryl, Sue and Jean. 

No matter how bad things are, there is always some good to be found. And no matter how good things are, there is always something bad that must be faced. God has blessed me, and I feel like a winner!


(c) DJ Stutley

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