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So…. how did you go with the Procrastination posts? Did anything hit home and change the way you do things?

Now something to think about. What is successful in your life and how do you define success? 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Success is defined as: Outcome of undertaking; favourable outcome, accomplishment of what was aimed at, attainment of wealth or fame or position.

I like the first part of that definition :) Outcome of undertaking. Sometimes the outcome might not be what I hoped for, but at least I gave it a go.




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You know that saying – A picture speaks a thousand words – well, when I look at this picture, I remember all the thousands of words that no one could guess at.

In the early ’80’s, my husband and I were hostel parents at a mission hostel in PNG. During our first year, we had 15 extra children on top of our own two. One of the highlights every year was the formal dinner. We all dressed up in our very best clothes, ate from the best plates, and enjoyed a 5 course dinner prepared by me and our house help, and served by me.

Looking at my happy face, you would never guess the drama that had unfolded throughout the day. Even before the children had left for school, I knew the day was going to go bad. By then, our house help was two hours late – and never did show up. I was left to prepare the vegetables and do all the cooking. The power went off, which left me with no electric mixer for making the ice-cream so I had to change my plan for dessert. We sat down and drew up a new menu. ‘We can do this,’ I said confidently as I started making a small batch of bread so we could have garlic bread. But relying on my husband to help prepare the feast was a mistake. Moments after lighting the fire in the wood stove, he was called away with a problem at the sawmill. The day descended into chaos! I remember standing in the middle of the kitchen floor hours later, looking at the mess and crying. I thought about calling the whole thing off, but even as the thought formed, I knew I couldn’t disappoint the kids.

At six o’clock on the dot, everyone gathered on the lounge room carpet and out came first course. Chilled apple cider and a plate of toothpicks with cheese, pickled onions and squares of spam sticking out of half an orange. Of course, the evening was a huge success in the end. But that picture doesn’t tell half the story :)


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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We are a special bunch.

My writing family are heroes. No doubt about it. I sent out a plea for help last week, saying that I was going to be out of action for a while and was there anyone who could help with my existing contractual commitments? I may need someone to do a final pre-print check on one book, go over the final edits for another book, and the first edits for yet another book. Throw in the initial cover design of one book, and the followup cover design of another book – that’s quite a lot of work for the first 15 days of next month. And due to a medical emergency, I’m going to be out of action. When I looked at the work ahead of me, I wondered how I could possibly do what was expected, knowing what I was facing medically. I needed help.

Offers came flooding in. One from an editor I’ve never come across, (she has been following my progress over the years), others equally qualified to do any of the tasks I needed help with, some saying that if no offers of help came in they would give it a ‘shot’, others saying they would like to help but felt they weren’t qualified enough.

I’ve narrowed it down to three. If I need help, I know they will step up and do their very best for me without a second thought.

Being a ‘writer’ is like being part of a large family. Writer’s are unique in their willingness to help others succeed without being jealous of their success. We share knowledge, advice and encouragement with each other. We feel the successes and disappointments of others in their writing as well as their personal life. Yes, writer’s are special! Thank you, fellow writer’s :)


(c) DJ Stutley 2012

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