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I came across a list of Writing Prompts and this one caught my fancy: Write a scene and include a conversation between you and a hitch-hiker…

It had been almost two hours since we’d left Carnarvon. The road ahead was hardly visible through the shimmering heat mirage. I rested the back of my hand against the windshield for a moment, wondering just how hot it was out there. 

Tony, who I’d picked up just outside Carnarvon, had stopped making polite conversation and I wondered if I’d made a mistake in picking him up. That thought had hardly crossed my mind, when he spoke – his words making my heart lurch.

‘What would you do if I pulled a knife on you and told you to get out?’

Paying him no attention, and making sure my speed was slowly increasing over the speed limit, it was a good minute before I replied. ‘We’d both be dead.’

From the corner of my eye I saw his head turn towards me. But I kept my eyes on the road and the speedometer.

‘What do you mean?’

I looked at him for as long as it was safe to do so. By now we were going noticeably faster.  Once my attention was on the road again, I said, ‘If you pulled a knife on me, I guarantee that within 5 minutes we’d both be dead. And seconds after that, I would be in humble adoration on bended knee before my Lord and Saviour. Where would you be?’

I could see that he was watching me.

‘What do you mean, “We’ll both be dead”‘?

‘If you pulled a knife on me, I’d plant my foot on the accelerator, take my hands off the wheel and we’d both be dead.’

After a moment, Tony turned his attention to the road ahead and shifted ever so slightly in his seat. Nothing more was said for more than an hour, until I pulled into the Overlander Roadhouse to fill the car.

Without looking at me, Tony opened his door, and picked up the small backpack between his feet. ‘Thanks for the lift. Think I’ll stay here for a bit and catch another ride in the morning.’

Now, I wonder what was in that backpack?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a Family Friday story here that was stranger than fiction and this story is another one of those. This hitch-hiker story actually happened to my dad’s friend. 

Please let me know if any of you write something using this prompt so that I can see what you’ve written :)




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