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This is my first attempt at the prompt provided by VisDare 30. You only need 150 words, so hop on over to VisDare to add your take on this one. My story is below.


I began to relax. I had no idea where I was, having been driven here by my best man. The bucks party had been in full swing when they told me it was time to leave. Once the blindfold had been secured, I was bundled into a car by Brad and Thomas and driven for what seemed like hours.

Eventually the car pulled over and I promised that I would not take the blindfold off until I was told to. It had been a tricky climb to where ever I was, but I trusted my two buddies with my life, so it hadn’t been hard to let them guide my hands and feet.

‘Now, you can take the blindfold off, but don’t open your eyes,’ instructed Brad. ‘Count to 100 backwards, then open your eyes.’

I heard him scrambling away. My mind had wandered – surely it must be time now…

150 words



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